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I am a Wild woman ?

I am a Wild woman. ? I have evolved past your comfort zone. I trust myself more than any human. I dance to the rhythm of my own beat. I never need others to justify my actions, ? because I do no harm.

I’m a wild woman. I move when the moon ? moves, by way of the sun. I live by the light of nature.? I spark with divine energy. I manifest my dreams easily. A heart made with magic and with no fear of the unknown.⭐.

I’m a wild woman. Love is my fairy ? dust and joy pulses through my veins. The present moment creates my future so I live for the here and now.

I’m a wild woman. I care for my fellow wild women. My vibe tribe, my soul family ? . We help each other rise…elevate. We transmute things that dampen our goddess essence in favor of building a new earth ? that vibrates only with love. No one can deny the ✨ magnetism.✨

I’m a wild woman. A woman who has reclaimed her magic as a divine, powerful being, here to consciously co-create. ? Sharing secrets with the moon and roaring with laughter. Listening to the song of my intuition. ? Wandering the world with big ?️ eyes and an even bigger heart.

Im a wild woman. Refusing to censor my soul. I speak my truth with pure authenticity. I am a visionary. a dream weaver and protected ? by the universe and the cosmos. Because of this, I am wild. Because of this, I am ? FREE?

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