Sapna made such a difference in my life. She was an inspiration and a guiding light for me. I still remember the day when I saw her IG. At first, I only liked her because she was very attractive. Then, after some time I signed up for Sapna’s coaching sessions and began talking her. I initially reached out because I needed some help with healing. I was feeling very lost, stuck and unloved. Sapna replied in a very loving and proper way. I was very delighted at that time that such a loving, beautiful, intelligent, attractive and charming woman was willing to help me. I honestly didn’t think she would. I felt very good and then also realized and learned that Sapna is not only a beautiful woman, but she helped me immensely after my breakup as well as when people let me down. Sapna continued to treat me as a good person without any judgments and would let me ask her any questions on how she got to where she is now. I told Sapna that her spiritual awakening benefited me! One of the most inspiring thoughts of Sapna’s is to truly and authentically love yourself no matter what and not just say and act like you do. I am glad this beautiful soul came in my life, like Sapna told me, the universe has our back and is trying to do good things for us. I always feel love, positive vibes around me and then realize one thing that this sudden change in me happened all after I met Sapna and began her healing sessions. Sapna! For me you are a spiritual influencer, motivator, spiritual guide, mentor, teacher, angel, friend and much more than that love! Thank you! Sincerely, Sushant


I had the privilege of having Sapna in my Life/Spiritual coaching class with LPI in August of 2018, in which she was not only my classmate, but she was also my buddy coach. We spent a lot of time getting to know one another as we went through our class together but as a buddy coach is when we became friends. It was at that time I realized Sapna was not only a classmate, but she was part of my spiritual soul tribe. Sapna has been one of my go to friends, trusted advisers, and coach when I am need spiritual counseling, as well as learning more of my spiritual journey through her profound knowledge of spiritual and psychological awareness. We have spent many hours together that I will treasure my whole life. Sapna continues to amaze me with her growth of personal awareness, development, and her ability to be one of the most empathetic people I know. Sapna has overcome some of the many challenges I could never have imagined myself go through and has come out a warrior and queen on the other side. I will continue to grow from Sapna ‘s knowledge, compassion, and humility, as we continue to walk this path together. I don’t think I would have done as well in class or my life at the stage I was in, without her support, and guidance. Sapna and I have become so close that she became a Reiki practitioner under my mastery. It was such an honor, and privilege to have been able to teach Sapna the healing modality of Reiki, and to see her flourish, and thrive in the healing arts. 
Sapna demonstrates superiority with her spirituality, awareness, and mastery beyond the explainable comprehension of a non-spiritual being. Sapna’s abilities will push her to being one of the most successful coaches, healers, and mentors that anyone would be considered lucky to have her. I very much admire Sapna for her courage, her strength, and her ability to continue to transcend and move forward through all of life’s challenges, and difficulties with ease and grace. I look forward to being a part of Sapna’s life and continuing to see her help others in the most profound ways. I find myself to be very lucky to have crossed paths with Sapna in this lifetime, and I would recommend, and suggest Sapna to anybody I know with faith that she will take them where they need to go to have a successful and wholesome life and much, much more. – Edwina @awoken_soul_mind


Life is long full of twists and turns. You never know what the next day will hold. Things get a little easier when you have a Spiritual partner in crime by your side, a soul sister, guiding you, shining light your way, sending love, positive energy and the best thoughts your way! Sapna is this light for me and so much more. She’s the person you want on your team for the good, bad and the ugly! She’s next to you for the biggest celebration of your life and holding your hand the tightest when the tears can’t stop from rolling from your eyes. She’s a person I’ve gone to when I need a bit more clarity, direction and a place to rest my heart (whole or broken). Sapna’s 1 on 1 Coaching and Healing sessions have helped me evolve tremendously.  I’ve found strength in her words, courage in her beautiful energy and affirmation in her loving and giving nature. Thank you Sapna for all that you do for the ones you know and love but most importantly thank you for the kind and loving things you continue to do for the ones you don’t even know!! You are a light and I know nothing and no one can ever dim yours!! Thank you and I look forward to continuing working with you in our Spiritual Coaching sessions! – Chandni Sahni @shesartsy

-Chandni Sahni

Sapna is a great listener which in turn makes her a great healer. I have been friends with Sapna for over a decade now and she has always showed up and supported through every life event without expecting anything in return. She is invested in the process and keen on learning about your entire story to offer her genuine and genius advice and guidance. She will use her intuition to help you identify blocks or stuck states to help you feeling like yourself again or to help you if you are at a point in life where you may be feeling lost. Sapna has reminded me time and time again to find the light despite the darkness in tragic life events. She has stayed true to the path of kindness and positivity on this journey as a spiritual and energy healer. If you need the light of positivity in your life, I would suggest taking the time to meet with Sapna- allow yourself to share the burden with her, let her uplift you! Let her awaken the power from within you!

-Rakesh Upadhyay

I am a creative Bollywood film producer and Sapna and I met while she was on spiritual travel in India. Sapna told me she is a Spiritual Advisor and I asked her to assist me with enhancing my creative energy so that I could continue producing amazing and unique films for the general public. I was astonished at how little I knew about this universe and the way it works until I met Sapna. She is an extremely intuitive woman who helps me from time to time with her psychic awareness and heightened consciousnesses. As fierce as she is on the outside, she is a pure, sweet soul in the inside and I am grateful that Sapna continues to be my Spiritual Advisor and continues to help me enhance my intuition, my creative energy and my confidence so I can take on and handle anything the world (and the film industry) throws at me! Thank you, dear Sapna ❤️

-Sophia Hasan Ahmed

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